Experience – you don’t just pick it up as you go. You earn it.

Experience – you don’t just pick it up as you go. You earn it.While the industrial revolution was widely recognized as one of the most important developments in economic history, the transformation of the emerging countries is of larger significance to the global economy. Baurs as a Swiss company, present in Asia since 1897, is the right partner for ambitious and enterprising companies focusing on new opportunities in the world’s fastest expanding market – Asia. Recognized as a leader in marketing innovation, imports, exports, manufacturing and distribution in the fields of agriculture, industrial raw material, healthcare, airlines, travel, optics, machinery, engineering and consumer goods and hospitality, Baurs will help you grow your brands in markets with the largest growth in the consuming class. Baurs founded by one of the greatest pioneers – Alfred Baur – prides itself on its Swiss heritage and tradition.

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