Swiss hotel management academy (Pvt.) Ltd. is the authorized agent of the Swiss Education Group. We represent five leading Swiss hotel management schools and provide career guidance, counseling and placement services to gain a world class Swiss degree in hospitality management and culinary arts.

Switzerland’s hotel schools have an excellent reputation around the globe and Switzerland’s history of excellence in hotel management began more than 100 years ago when the first hotels were built in Switzerland.

Specialized in bridging between Europe and Asia, we offer you

    • Consultancy service in hospitality education forming educational forums for the different aspects in the hospitality industry be it administration, front office, kitchen, service and organization
    • Consultancy experts with long years of experience
    • Cooperation to establish and run a Swiss Hotel School in Asia with the support of renowned hotel schools
    • We combine traditional Swiss hospitality and knowhow with our knowledge of Asian customs and traditions in a truly hospitable environment!
    • We are part of the Baur Group of Companies established in Asia in 1897.
    •  We are the experts with the knowledge and backing of a Swiss organization throughout Asia
    •  On our board are Singaporeans, Sri Lankans, Swiss and Thai Directors
    • Swiss Hotel Management Academy is a registered company in Sri Lanka and Thailand and a sister company of Baur Asia Pte. Ltd. Singapore